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those icons, darling.

(icons by delleve)

those icons, dahling.
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This is the new community for dahling_icons! All of my new graphics will be posted here, so please friend the community to keep up to date!  My older graphics can be found at dahling_icons. I try to keep things semi-tidy around here, so you can find all my icons listed by fandom in the tags.  Got questions? Ask me, motherfucker! :D

affiliates (check them out!):

If you'd like to affiliate then just drop me a comment.

- Don't try to pass off my icons as your own. Because they're not yours, and that's just retarded.
- Crediting's pretty cool! Don't know how to credit? Well look at this.
- Please comment whether you take something or not.  They make me smile and dance in my seat like a fool. Besides these two lovely things, they also keep me informed on what style icons people like best.
- Don't hotlink.  I'd really rather not run out of bandwith kplzthx.  Always right click and save as.